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Since we also enjoy vivid colors that are perfectly combined, we decided to inspire you with some beautiful posts from Instagram.

Believe that they will brighten your day with the positive energy they spread



Greenery, cleaner and nicer air – these things are lacking for the tenants, and the plants are here to help. And another positive thing is that they do not need much space, so they are practical for smaller apartments.

With the greenery you will get a new dimension in your living space, you will bring nature closer to you. And there is nothing more beautiful than being a proud parent of a successfully grown plant. Instagram photos will also become more interesting.


Unusual and interesting, and require very little attention – the cactus is one of those plants that you must have in your home. For them, it is enough to water them once a week while they are growing (although they will not dry out if you forget about them a bit, especially in winter). It should be stored in a room with light, but not exposed to direct light.
But what sets the cactus apart from others is that it is full of positive energy and calms anxiety. It also absorbs electromagnetic energy from the devices we have in our home. Choose the right one for you.


This succulent is incredibly durable and can survive in almost any environment. It grows well in low light, but it is best to store it in medium or high light. You do not need to water it often – allow the soil to dry between two drops of water. These plants are also popular because they absorb harmful gases indoors and attract positive energy with their beautiful colorful leaves.

Ficus Bonsai Ginseng

Unusually looks, this ficus is really interesting with its large root that looks like it wants to escape. It should be watered whenever the soil dries.
The root and the stem with the beautiful leaves represent the harmony of nature, and if you give it as a gift, it would mean that you wish the recipient a long life.

Lighting Tricks

LIGHTING-A key element to create an atmosphere in the home

If you have a new home or just want to freshen up your nest – always keep the lighting in mind. Although not always in the foreground, lighting plays a key role in creating an atmosphere specific to your lifestyle. To achieve the ideal balance, it is important to know what kind of light source exists and what their function is.

A few lighting tricks:

1.Use multiple levels of lighting – that is, use all 3 types of lighting. General lighting is good for basic activities, but it may not be bright enough and focused enough on something more specific, such as reading. So add functional lights. They direct the light exactly where you need it. Finally add the jewelry – the decorative light. They do not have to be functional, but they give the final artistic touch.

2.Think about the color of the bulb – you can choose between soft white, cool white or daylight. Colder tones are ideal for offices, but reading with them would be a bit difficult. On the other hand, warmer tones will make your home look warmer.

3.Add a hanging chandelier – putting a hanging chandelier is a great decision if you want to change the ambiance, and you do not want to spend a lot of money. They are usually used as accent lights and add to the visual value of the space.

4.Play with mirrors – double the natural light in the space by placing a mirror on the opposite wall. You can also maximize artificial light by adding depth to reflective surfaces. A metal table under the night lamp will be a perfect accessory.

Bedroom ideas

How to make your bedroom romantic according to your decorating style

For the minimalists

If you are a minimalist at heart, our architects advise you to bring warmth. Is there anything more romantic than sitting both under the same blanket on a cold winter night, and everything around you reminds you of the warmth? And you will achieve that by using various textiles. Do not limit yourself – for example, use a dose of velvet on your decorative pillows.

For the maximalists

Maximalism means unlimited use of colors, patterns and decorative objects. The colors do not have to be red, but you can set soft purple velvet bedding and pillows. And you can put velvet curtains in the same color to complete the look of the room.
Do not forget to use decorative elements, such as abstract nudes, figurative sculptures and vases.

For BOHO fans

The BOHO arrangement revolves around rich textures and dynamic colors that, combined together, give a relaxed feeling. And it is an ideal background to install a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom. Here you can add thin cotton blankets, fur pieces and shaggy pillows. Do not forget about green plants – let them hang from the ceiling, put them on the table and even on the wall.

For scandals lovers

Here you can use the hygge concept which guarantees romance in all its beauty. This Danish practice allows for a dose of comfort and warmth in the Scandinavian minimalist style. Add coarse knitted blankets, faux fur pillows or velvet. Lighting also plays a key role in creating a romantic atmosphere. Place peonies or eucalyptus twigs next to the bed to add a natural element to the room.

Evolution of Home Decor

Evolution and Essentials of Home Decor

As designers and decorators of our own homes, we love to find the current trends and styles we can in order to maintain a home that is both suits our personality as well as the decade (or year) we are in. The evolution of home décor seems to go back and forth… Wallpaper was popular in the 80’s and 90’s, but lost popularity in the millennium. Fast forward to 2020 – wallpaper is back, and with easy peel and stick options! Let’s take a look at how home décor has evolved..

80’s Home Decor

The 80’s was a time when people were starting to have money to decorate. Most of the hippies had faded out, and the modern troubadour of the working world emerged. You can see a lot of pastels and flower themes in the chairs with the fabrics that backed them. They also had light colored wood that was almost white but not quite.

90’s Style

No more shag! The 90’s meant that you threw out your padded fabric chairs and got with the times. Here you will see sensible colors for furniture- think very neutral. The 90’s might still have had that sponge painted wall decor, but most ended up painting over it. You may also see lingering wallpaper, but it was generally out of fashion by then. You can see leather come in and any sort of quality wood. The crystals from the 80’s would probably still be in a cabinet on display though, though that was slowly fading out. (Side note – my mother was devastated I didn’t want to take on her crystal and her hutch!)

2000’s Picks

This era had a bit of brass to it. It favored brown walls and vases that were ceramic. Everything about the 80’s and 90’s was thrown away. People liked fresh cut flowers and not the silk ones that their grandparents had displayed around their homes. You will not see glass side tables from the 80’s anymore here. Also, walls are no longer wall papered unless it is an ultra-modern black and white style. Greens and greys seem to be on the top of the color list, and the minimal look had become very popular. Now we don’t have robots waiting on us as we had once envisioned the millennium to look like, but we do have robot vacuums!

New Year always brings new ideas and creations. We can see this fact in all walks of life whether we talk about fashion, home decor or any thing else. However if we talk about home decoration, we will see that there are some designs and classical trends that never appear to fade away. One such trend is green home decoration. It is not a new trend but still a popular choice for many people. One important reason behind its popularity is that this trend is environmentally friendly.

Another great home decor trend is the use of multi purpose furniture items. In other words we can say that furniture is a necessity within a home. It has decorative as well as great functional value that can not be under estimated or over looked. Furniture helps to make our life easier and more comfortable. Nowadays, special consideration is given by homemakers in the selection of furniture that is stylish at one end as well as functional at the other end.

Next to it, texture is another important consideration within a home. Beautiful texture adds glamour and color to the over all decor. Wall treatment is another recent trend in home decor. This is the latest trend in the market of interior designing. However, wall treatments really help to change the over all appearance of any room. You can simply change the entire look of a room with the help of wall treatments.

Use of leather in home decor is an old trend that goes back to many years. However, this trend also seems no end. Leather is still popular same as it was at the time of its creation. Furniture and many other accessories are extensively used to design with the help of leather.

In the last I want to highlight the importance of color in home decor. You can simply say that color is everything if we talk about home. Colors may range from soft and pastels to bright and bold. If we talk about current trend, we will see green, blues; pinks and aquas are the popular and evolving colors in home decor. Browns and grays are also preferred colors in furniture and textile within a home. These colors add nice feeling to your home.



The kitchen is the heart of the home – whether small or large.

That is why when arranging the home, great attention is paid to this room to be functional, to complement the home in a stylish way, but also to be trendy. We asked our architects to tell us what are the biggest trends in kitchen decoration for 2022, which will be a combination of current aesthetics and timeless, so which you will not want to change every year

Impressive tile layout

The way tiles are stacked is one of the biggest trends in interior design. Classic tile shapes are still used, but they take up space with the way they are arranged. The most popular stacking pattern is chevron, but you can let your creativity run free and make a design of your choice.

White kitchens

There are many reasons why a white kitchen is timeless – the design is minimalist, calming and clean, and increases the light. In addition, the white kitchen can be easily refreshed with another color or by adding texture and details.


This trend has been going on for a long time, but this year it will be present in our kitchens as well. Especially the patterned marble. The reason for its popularity is that it looks luxurious, as the material is very durable and combines well with metal, wood and other polished surfaces.