Lighting Tricks

LIGHTING-A key element to create an atmosphere in the home

If you have a new home or just want to freshen up your nest – always keep the lighting in mind. Although not always in the foreground, lighting plays a key role in creating an atmosphere specific to your lifestyle. To achieve the ideal balance, it is important to know what kind of light source exists and what their function is.

A few lighting tricks:

1.Use multiple levels of lighting – that is, use all 3 types of lighting. General lighting is good for basic activities, but it may not be bright enough and focused enough on something more specific, such as reading. So add functional lights. They direct the light exactly where you need it. Finally add the jewelry – the decorative light. They do not have to be functional, but they give the final artistic touch.

2.Think about the color of the bulb – you can choose between soft white, cool white or daylight. Colder tones are ideal for offices, but reading with them would be a bit difficult. On the other hand, warmer tones will make your home look warmer.

3.Add a hanging chandelier – putting a hanging chandelier is a great decision if you want to change the ambiance, and you do not want to spend a lot of money. They are usually used as accent lights and add to the visual value of the space.

4.Play with mirrors – double the natural light in the space by placing a mirror on the opposite wall. You can also maximize artificial light by adding depth to reflective surfaces. A metal table under the night lamp will be a perfect accessory.

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