Bedroom ideas

How to make your bedroom romantic according to your decorating style

For the minimalists

If you are a minimalist at heart, our architects advise you to bring warmth. Is there anything more romantic than sitting both under the same blanket on a cold winter night, and everything around you reminds you of the warmth? And you will achieve that by using various textiles. Do not limit yourself – for example, use a dose of velvet on your decorative pillows.

For the maximalists

Maximalism means unlimited use of colors, patterns and decorative objects. The colors do not have to be red, but you can set soft purple velvet bedding and pillows. And you can put velvet curtains in the same color to complete the look of the room.
Do not forget to use decorative elements, such as abstract nudes, figurative sculptures and vases.

For BOHO fans

The BOHO arrangement revolves around rich textures and dynamic colors that, combined together, give a relaxed feeling. And it is an ideal background to install a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom. Here you can add thin cotton blankets, fur pieces and shaggy pillows. Do not forget about green plants – let them hang from the ceiling, put them on the table and even on the wall.

For scandals lovers

Here you can use the hygge concept which guarantees romance in all its beauty. This Danish practice allows for a dose of comfort and warmth in the Scandinavian minimalist style. Add coarse knitted blankets, faux fur pillows or velvet. Lighting also plays a key role in creating a romantic atmosphere. Place peonies or eucalyptus twigs next to the bed to add a natural element to the room.