Greenery, cleaner and nicer air – these things are lacking for the tenants, and the plants are here to help. And another positive thing is that they do not need much space, so they are practical for smaller apartments.

With the greenery you will get a new dimension in your living space, you will bring nature closer to you. And there is nothing more beautiful than being a proud parent of a successfully grown plant. Instagram photos will also become more interesting.


Unusual and interesting, and require very little attention – the cactus is one of those plants that you must have in your home. For them, it is enough to water them once a week while they are growing (although they will not dry out if you forget about them a bit, especially in winter). It should be stored in a room with light, but not exposed to direct light.
But what sets the cactus apart from others is that it is full of positive energy and calms anxiety. It also absorbs electromagnetic energy from the devices we have in our home. Choose the right one for you.


This succulent is incredibly durable and can survive in almost any environment. It grows well in low light, but it is best to store it in medium or high light. You do not need to water it often – allow the soil to dry between two drops of water. These plants are also popular because they absorb harmful gases indoors and attract positive energy with their beautiful colorful leaves.

Ficus Bonsai Ginseng

Unusually looks, this ficus is really interesting with its large root that looks like it wants to escape. It should be watered whenever the soil dries.
The root and the stem with the beautiful leaves represent the harmony of nature, and if you give it as a gift, it would mean that you wish the recipient a long life.

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